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M Λ R E O |  Mario Rodriguez Echeverry  

1981  Born in Mexico City, raised in Colombia and based in Barcelona, Spain.



2013  · Master in Fine Arts. UNA. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2007  · Master in Design. ELISAVA. Barcelona, Spain.

2006  · Fine art course at Bournemouth Arts Institute, UK.

2004  · B.A.  Architecture at U.P.B. Medellín, Colombia.

2022  · PORTALS. Kostuik gallery. Vancouver, CA
2022  · PORTALS. AM Bjiere. NYC, USA
2021 ·  PORTALS. Valletta Contemporary. Malta
2019  · STONES.  JLS Gallery. CDMX, Mexico
           · BLACK DESERT.  Madison Gallery. Solana beach, USA
2018  · EXPANSION. E3 Arte contemporánea. Brescia, Italy
           · EXPANSION. JLSGallery. CDMX, Mexico
2017  · EXPANSION. Opera Gallery. Barcelona, Spain
           · SCAPES.  Cage Gallery. Barcelona, Spain
2016  · ESTAMOS HECHOS POLVO.  Centre civic Urgell. Barcelona, Spain
2015  · MATERIA FUGIT.  Casa Italia. Barcelona, Spain
2015  · ESTAMOS HECHOS POLVO.  Nomad Gallery Berlin, Germany
2014  · PIELES DESIERTAS.  Hotel Charlee. Medellín, Colombia
           · PIELES DESIERTAS. Centro cultural Borges. Buenos aires, Argentina

2010  · TOPOGRAFIAS INTERMITENTES.  Suramericana. Medellín, Colombia

2004  · FUERZAS DE LA NATURALEZA. C. Colombo Americano. Medellín, Colombia.


2022   · XI BIENNALE  Museo dell´Alto Mantovano. Italy

            · FIVE HORIZONS. Alongside works of CHRISTO. Hexton Gallery. Aspen, USA.

           · WAVELENGTH Times Art Museum. Beijing, China.

           · TRIENNIAL. Istanbul, Turkey.

2021  · ILLUMIA Artrepublical +SuperRare. Miami, USA. Opened by Deepak Chopra.

           · ROMA ARTE IN NUVOLA.  E3 gallery. Italy

           · ARTVERONA.  E3 gallery. Italy

           · ART MADRID.  Artburo. Spain

2020  · ARTVERONA Fair Digital.  E3 gallery. Italy

           · PINTA Miami Fair Digital.  GBG gallery. USA

           · PRAISE OF THE DARK.  Macadam Gallery. Brussels, Belgium

           · ARTEFIERA Bologna.  E3 gallery. Italy

           · ART PALM SPRINGS.  Madison Gallery. USA

           · ART PALM BEACH.  GBG arts. USA

2019  · STRINGS.  Whitenoise gallery. Rome Italy

           · WE ARE.  Installation for SIAF Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival. Emirates.

           · ARTEFIERA Bologna.  E3 gallery. Italy

2018  · DESERT SKINS.  Installation for SIAF Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival. Emirates

           · ARTVERONA Fair.  E3 gallery. Italy

           · Subasta Grupo de los 16.  CDMX, Mexico

           · AUTENTICA Fair.  Ivy Node- Verona, Italy2018 


           · CARRE LATIN.  Palais Royal in Paris, France

           · VIAGGIO.  Art installation in Palazzo Ferrero. Biella, Italy

           · TERRRITORIAL LINES.  Benjamin Eck Gallery- Munich, Germany

           · LA ART SHOW.  Rofa Projects. USA

2017  · ART CONTEXT Miami.  Rofa Projects. USA

           · ART TORONTO.  Rofa Projects. Canada

           · ART MARBELLA.  Rofa Projects, Spain

           · BECOME BECOME.  Art residency at Arebyte Gallery. London, UK

2016  · ART MED.  Imaginart Gallery. Colombia

           · EMERGING TOPOGRAPHIES.  Land art sculpture, Biella, Italy

           · GEOMETRIAS VARIABLES.  Imaginart Gallery. Barcelona, Spain

2022  · STIR Magazine. India
          · i NEWS Magazine.China
           · VC 03- Valletta Contemporary. Malta
          · THE FOUND Magazine. China
2021  · NASTY Magazine. Italy
           · EXIT Book.  Ludvig Rage. Austria
2018  · EXPANSION Book.  Vanillaedizioni and E3 contemporanea. Italy
           · LA PERLE Magazine. Paris, France
           · CIRCUITOS DEL ARTE Latinoamerica.  Arte al Límite. Chile
           · X Y Magazine.  Netherlands
           · SCANDALE Project.  Netherlands
2017  · Hotbook magazine, Mexico
His work has been acquired by private collectors in United States, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia,
Panama, Peru, Argentina, Italy, Spain, France, England, Emirates, Austria, Switzerland, Japan and Singapur.
Featured collections:
Gerry Bonetti
Margot & Dennis Knight
Bruno Tropeano
Palazzo Ferrero

2010 - present

2010 - present

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